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We are based in the North of Thailand and are popular for selling 100% genuine handmade crafts, which are crafted by the Thai locals. With the help of our site we aim to offer a great opportunity to the Thai locals to promote their crafts all around the globe.

With skills and expertise that are passed down for generations, the art of Thai crafts has indeed been a long reflection of Thai people's creativity and originality. The intricate details and meticulous methods used is really a great display of creativity, and the elaborate designs are a tremendous proof of perseverance. Moreover, the abundance of natural materials such as wicker, palm leaves, rattan and coconuts really make it possible for Thai locals to create beautiful and inexpensive handicrafts.

We offer you a great collection of handmade Thai products that are individual, unique and have their own character. This means that the product you own exclusively belongs to you and no one else.

All the Thai crafts that we make are made by using only the best local materials and through the best craftsmanship available. Our products not only look good but they are durable as well. People from all over the globe have ordered our products because we offer such good quality.

For all the people are ordering from foreign countries, we offer free international shipping through the Thailand post and we will give you a tracking number for you to be able to track your order.

From street-side vendors all the way to luxury shopping malls, you will find all kinds of arts and crafts, sourced from all corners of the country on our site. So go ahead and browse through all our product categories and find the perfect Thai craft for you and your family!


Happy Shopping!